The last matches were played in the UEFA Nations League. Our A National Football Team lost 2-0 from the match in Group G Hungary, struggling to stay in the league and fell to the C classification.

Hungary’s goals came from David Siger in the 57th minute and Kevin Barga, who played at 90 + 5 in Kasımpaşa.


6. The month-star team won a free kick per minute. In the shot of Hakan Çalhanoğlu, who was in charge of the ball in a position that saw the Hungarian goal from the front, goalkeeper Dibusz controlled the leather circle in two moves.

9. Kalmar hit the castle hard from about 30 meters, and the ball went auta from the top.

28. In the minute when Hakan Çalhanoğlu, who was controlling the ball in the penalty area as soon as Mahmut Tekdemir took a throw from the right, kicked the ball despite the defense, the goalkeeper Dibusz reached the corner of the leather away from the ground.

The first half of the struggle has ended 0-0.


54. minute national team came effective. Cenk Tosun, who controlled the ball in the middle of the penalty area from the left wing, hit the ball near the penalty point, and the leather bounced off the defense. In the continuation of the position, the ball went auta on Ozan Tufan’s shot.

57. Hungary took the lead in the minute. As soon as Varga entered the penalty area, the ball, which the goalkeeper Mert intervened, returned from the side pole. At the intervention of Ozan Kabak, who was trying to remove the idle ball, the leather that hit Siger went to the round nets: 1-0.

73. per minute, the star-star team came very close to the draw goal. In the middle of Deniz Türüç’s right wing, the ball bounced off the defense. When Hakan Çalhanoğlu hit the idle leather circle hard on his arrival, goalkeeper Dibusz crashed the leather circle at the last moment. On the spinning ball, this time, in Yusuf Yazıcı’s shot, the leather bouncing from Nego drove the defense of Hungary away.

90 + 5. Hungary increased the difference to 2 minutes per minute. In the corner used by the national team, the defense of Hungary took away the danger. Varga, who trapped the idle ball and saved Nazım, came to the front of the penalty area. In this player’s hard shot with his right foot, despite Mert’s intervention, he went to the leather round net: 2-0.

Hungary won the fight 2-0.

Hungary 2 – Turkey: 0

Stadium: Pushkaş Arena

Referees: Ivan Kruzliak, Tomas Somolani, Branislav Hancko (Slovakia)

Turkey: Mert Günok Nazim Sangare, Mars DEMİRAL, Ozan Pumpkin, Caner Erkin, Ozan Tufan (min. 71 Cindy Ozcan), Mahmoud Tekdemir (min. 88 Kaan Ayhan), Irfan Can Kahveci (min. 55 Joseph Writer) , Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Kenan Karaman, Cenk Tosun (Min. 71 Deniz Türüç)

Hungary: Dibusz, Fiola, Lang, Szalai, Nego (Min.89 Botka), Siger, Nagy, Hangya (Min. 74 Holender), Kalmar (Min.46 Cseri), Könyves (Min.46 Varga), Nikolic (Min. 64 Gyurcso)

Goals: Min. 57 Siger, Min. 90 + 5 Varga (Hungary)

Yellow cards: Min. 47 Mahmoud Tekdemir (Turkey), Min. 54 Cseri, Min. 77 Dibusz, Min. 78 Holender, Min. 90 + 1 Gyurcso (Hungary)

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