Factors of Life

The modern life style has made our lives such a mess that entertainment is as minimal as possible in our lives. People normally takes various measures to cope with day to day stress in their lives, usually most of these remedies are artificial factors that take away our stress, but just for some time. But the biggest disadvantage of these are that their effect is for a short term and they can also be hazardous for us.

To minimize our daily tension there are three very pleasant gifts from nature that not only can minimize our stress factors but also make our living environment a heaven on earth. Exploring the nature, your opposite gender and healthy foods are the three gems in the our pocket that can make our lives way too entertaining for us.

The nature itself presents so much so that can release our tensions way too quickly. Beautiful weathers, greenery, trees, rivers, waters, mountains has its own share of natural pleasure, once you see them it will make you feel better and all your tensions are wiped out for the time being. Even planting flowers and trees in your house will do the job, cause the more beautiful the surroundings you have the more relaxed you will feel.

Opposing gender is a great source for the human pleasure, in houses where the couples live happily have a lower tension rate and this can be reflected in their lives and jobs too. Rather than going for artificial things the nature has provided us the gift that can revive all our happiness back to us, all daily stresses diminish when a man or woman sees her partner in a happy mood or with a romantic smile.




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