During a Recession and High Unemployment Live a Simple Life

The economy has been brutal with 10% unemployment. By returning to basics you can make life simpler and revive your interest in a simple life style. People are cutting back, dropping their cable TV, no more nights out eating at restaurants, staying close to home for vacations. The economic slowdown has caused a lot of people to re-evaluate what’s important in life.

When things are good we all tend to take things for granted. Its not until we loose the things we take for granted do we realize how good we have it. Especially living in a prosperous nation like the United States.

When we return to basics and make our lives simpler we find joy and happiness in the simple life. Like the blessing of being alive, the air we breathe or the sunlight on our face. The distractions we all experience in our day to day busy lives keeps us distant but by just slowing down and noticing the simpler things in life we tend to have a more relaxed peaceful way of living.

Walking can be very enjoyable, a simple walk through your neighborhood or city park can give you a simple joy you may have missed by driving by these areas in your cars running back and forth in your busy life before the economic slowdown.

Sometimes we forget the time when we were young that we could spend hours exploring our backyard or city park throwing rocks or sticks, you see a simple life is all around you. Just open your eyes its all around you.

Take time to enjoy your life while the economy takes a break from its distracting way of keeping us away from a simple way of life.

Myself, I’m enjoying this time, because some day in the future things will get better and our lives will go back to the days of plenty and our busy schedules will distract us from our simple life.


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