Video Game Journalism on the Decline

Gaming journalism has long been on the decrease, which I have to say, is a disgrace. Game news isn’t really what it was formerly. Any fanboy can now sit at his computer and pump out articles and reviews of absolute garbage awfully fast now. This is mainly thanks to blogs and also other sorts of self-publishing website.

It used to be that folks once only had a few sites to visit to for gaming news, presently there are loads upon 1000’s of sites where people can click to obtain the latest gaming news, unfortunately this also means that just about every ill-informed child has the right to publish their opinion on the internet.

On other side of this, it does give individuals who do have a clue what they’re preaching about, the opportunity to share their beliefs with the rest of the world, and to try and keep the the vast majority of people informed on what is really going on in the industry. This can also include workers of companies in the industry, which means you’re obviously getting the most informed source on the story.

Whether or not people think it’s a good factor or a bad factor, every niche is now open to people, and misinformation will continue to spread all over. It is all just a matter of choosing a website that you value the point of view of and one that you believe to give the most true and correct information.

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