How To Stay Centred When There’s Chaos In The World

To remain centred amidst the chaos in the world is challenging, yet signifies a renewing act of strength.

It’s no surprise the news media sensationalise reporting world events to hook us in. They use bold words and Breaking News in their headlines to captivate our attention while giving us a glimpse of the real story.

It’s wise to limit watching the news since it heightens the fight-or-flight response in your body. The mind perceives impending danger when regularly exposed to distressing news and creates stress.

Our perception of life is influenced by our past and immediate environment. I’m not suggesting unpleasant occurrences don’t exist. Though, when exposed to it often enough, we evaluate reality according to what we see.

Have you noticed people who declare the world is terrifying, are the same ones who clutch to distressing news events? They base their assessment on negative experiences without considering an alternative view.

Assuredly, what you look for you will find.

Author Byron Katie of The Work states, “The world is your perception of it. Inside and outside always match – they are reflections of each other. The world is the mirror image of your mind. If you experience chaos and confusion inside, your external world has to reflect that. You have to see what you believe because you are the confused thinker looking out and seeing yourself. You are the interpreter of everything, and if you’re chaotic, what you hear and see has to be chaos.”

The media propagates a biased view of events we know little about. We concede because it’s broadcast into our living rooms or social media channels and we accept it as truth.

Judging by the tone of the article you might assume I’m anti-media. I’m not, yet if we allow it to be our only source of information, we are at the mercy of relying on the fear it promotes.

There’s little reporting of good news events nowadays other than a 30 second highlight, depicting a cat rescued by a passer-by stuck in a tree – get my point?

To rely on news as your source of information incites fear.

Atrocities have existed for thousands of years since man first roamed the Earth and were far more severe in ancient times. Crime rates have decreased in parts of the world due to advances in technology, a shift in consciousness and development of civilised society.

Chaos may come to represent the upheaval in your own life. Sometimes the winds of change blow upon us at inopportune moments and we are caught unaware.

“Pain causes chaos, fear, and resentment, and we have to overcome that. It is an extremely simple logic. Once we can overcome pain, we discover intrinsic joy, and we have less resentment toward the world and ourselves,” states Chogyam Trungpa in Smile at Fear: Awakening the True Heart of Bravery.

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