Great News About Polyurethane Roof Insulation Products

Chances are that even though your home may be insulated, it is not up to today’s standards. Ten or twenty years ago, electricity and gas was substantially cheaper and so people didn’t give the same thought to their homes insulation that they do now. Also, the only products that were available to insulate a home then were fiberglass and cellulose and both of these products have a tendency to settle.

It was only after the development of polyurethane foam roof insulation that the option of actually insulating the roof was available. Stopping energy loss at the roof only makes perfect sense, because once heat enters the attic it will be stored in the attic until it drifts back out of the attic, or is absorbed by the home as unwanted heat. Also, polyurethane roof insulation pulls double duty, by functioning to keep out the cold in the winter time.

For modular homes and trailers it works great, because they tend to have a small space between the roof and the living area, so they tend to be under insulated. Applying a three inch layer of polyurethane foam to the roof will add an additional R19 which is the equivalent to 6 inches of fiberglass insulation.

The roof of a home that has been insulated with polyurethane foam will look no different than a home without it and it will in fact increase the value of your home instantly. Why suffer through another hot summer while you shell out your hard earned money to energy companies that have you over a financial barrel. Having your roof insulated with polyurethane foam is a great way to keep your money in your own pocket, while you make your home a far more comfortable and affordable place to live in.

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