Good News For the Treatment of Migraine Headaches

If you are reading this, then probably you or a loved one suffers from the excruciating pain of migraine or cluster headaches. If a person had never experienced one, then it is very difficult to imagine how debilitating it can be.

I had my first migraine equivalent when I was a youngster. I would have severe cases of vomiting and at the time the doctors could not come up with the cause. When I was in my late teens I had my first experience with visual disturbances and this was quite scary because I lost part of my vision for a time. In all these cases, I did not have an actual headache.

Later on in life the headaches began and that started numerous trips to the doctor along with a great number of tests, including a few brain scans. Nothing organic was found and many years later I was diagnosed with having migraine headaches. My mother had also suffered from them. More details please

Then started the search for a medication that worked well and that I could tolerate. For at least 30 years I was taking an ergot compound but the last time I went to renew the prescription I was told that it was now taken off the market because they were unsure about the side effects. I found that surprising, because the drug had been around for over 40 years. I was then introduced to sumatriptan and to my dismay found that it was nearly 100 times more expensive that my old reliable ergot and came with a host of unpleasant side effects.

I found that the sumatriptan did get rid of my migraine and I would have relieve for about 12 hours but then the headache would come back with a vengeance and I would have to repeat the cycle. This would actually go on for at least three days. At the end of it, I was feeling like I had been stomped on by a herd of elephants! It would then take me another few days to get over the fatigue and lethargy.

I was continually searching for alternative treatments and would try various things that were recommended but it wasn’t until I recently found this wonderful little book called “The Magnesium Solution for Migraine Headaches. How to Use Magnesium to Prevent and Relieve Migraine & Cluster Headaches Naturally” by Jay S. Cohen, MD, that I found what I had been looking for.

I will admit that it bothers me that this knowledge has been available for such a long time and all the doctors that I have visited over the last few decades have never mentioned it once to me. However, the important thing is that I now have this wonderful information and would love to share it with any of my readers who are needlessly suffering with these devastating headaches.

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