The Early Signs of Pregnancy That Herald Good News

Many people who face trouble conceiving find out how to get pregnant by going through many books and manuals like Pregnancy Miracle. They try treating infertility with an infertility cure that is suitable for them in order to avoid a negative pregnancy test. Finally they wish to know how to find out if they are pregnant. Fortunately, there are a number of signs that occur very early and indicate pregnancy.

Some women might experience a couple of signs while some might have many of them. When a woman conceives, the egg that is fertilized takes a week to get implanted in your uterus. Once the implantation takes place, she will experience a sign of pregnancy or many more and begin to realize that she is pregnant. During pregnancy, the levels of hormones begin changing. The body also reacts to the new levels. Here are some signs of pregnancy.

If a woman has conceived, spotting could occur if implantation takes place before the menstrual cycle is to begin. The pregnancy bleeding that takes place due to implantation is brownish or pinkish. It is not heavy. The normal flow of menstruation is usually light, then becomes heavy and eventually tapers off before ending. Urinating more frequently is another early sign of pregnancy.

Some women experience more urination before a missed cycle, generally from 7 to 12 days after the rise in temperature at ovulation. The changes in the levels of hormones due to the implantation of the embryo, particularly the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG) is responsible for frequent urination. The temperature of the body increases at the time of ovulation. If your basal temperature is high after the completion of ovulation and remains so when your menstrual cycle is to begin, it is an early sign of pregnancy.

Missed periods are obvious pregnancy signs. But periods could also be missed due to other reasons like stress, illness, hormone imbalance, medications or reactions to certain foods. If you normally have a regular menstrual cycle, missed period could be an indication. Feeling tired as an early pregnancy sign could be difficult to distinguish from the other types of exhaustion. Fatigue could be due to changes in the hormone levels that usually disappears when the body adjusts to new levels of hormones.

If you have conceived, the uterus contracts regularly and often. Orgasm, exercise and moving around can result in uterine cramping early in the pregnancy. When women experience nausea during pregnancy, it is termed morning sickness. But the term is misleading as it can occur anytime in the night or day. A majority of women experience this pregnancy sign.

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