How Florida Health Insurance is Making News With Innovative Ideas

Residents of Florida can choose from many Health Insurance Plans in Florida to get the right coverage for their individual or family needs, and several of these providers are making news with innovative programs to help their members.

Aetna and Anthem Offer Mail-order Prescription Medications

Two the largest providers of Health Insurance for Florida — Aetna and Anthem — are offering at-home delivery for many of the most popular medications, including maintenance medications that are used to treat diabetes and heart disease. Their members can receive 30-, 60-, and 90-day prescriptions for many commonly used medications.

Members who enroll in mail-order prescription programs may also receive a discount for the first time they fill a prescription. Many programs offer additional coupons, free shipping, and other perks to make filling prescriptions affordable and convenient. Some programs even offer reminders when it’s time to refill a prescription. More details please

Anthem Offers Members Full Coverage for H1N1 Vaccination

As a major provider of Florida Health Insurance Plans, Anthem is providing full coverage for H1N1 vaccination for its members. On its Website, Anthem has stated that it is offering the no-cost vaccination coverage to support public health agencies, including the Center for Disease Control, in efforts to stop the spread of H1N1.

Anthem members can receive the vaccination by injection, or nasal spray. To make the cost of vaccination free to members, Anthem is waiving any coinsurance, co-pays, and deductible associated with the vaccination, including a doctor’s office co-pay. To receive the free vaccination, members must obtain it from a participating provider.

Anthem is also offering fully-insured members low-cost flu-related treatments, such as Relenza and Tamiflu.

Anthem Partners with WebMD to Offer Online Health Assessment

In addition, Anthem has also partnered with a leading online resource for health-related information — WebMD — to provide members with helpful health assessment tools through the online portal.

These tools are interactive to help members assess their overall health with a blood alcohol estimator, body fat calculator, body mass index calculator, ideal weight calculator, interactive personal trainer, nutrition toolbox, sleep disorder assessment tool, smoking cost calculator, and target heart rate calculator. The online tools are designed to help members understand their current health, and take steps to improve their own well being.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Launches Physician Recognition Program

Leading Florida Health Insurance provider — Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida — has launched a program to recognize high-quality healthcare providers in Florida. Their Recognizing Physician Excellence program rewards physicians who deliver high-quality care, and service to patients.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida has opened the program up to many different healthcare providers, including family practice, general practice, geriatrics, gynecology, internal medicine, obstetrics, and pediatrics physicians who participate in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield NetworkBlue health insurance program.

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