News – Guaranteed Annuity Accumulation Income Plan is For Guaranteed Safety of Annuity Accumulation

Guaranteed Annuity Accumulation Plans were endorsed in the news. The Guaranteed income safety of annuity accumulations will be available for consumers and investors. Annuity consultants are pleased that income safety is an accumulation feature not seen in every annuity. Everyday people and investors can protect their savings guaranteed and still achieve accumulation gains in an annuity despite uncertain economic conditions.

A recent press release was announced by Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. Here she outlined her top regulatory goals for 2010, outlining plans to reduce the incidents of workers like you and me, outliving their retirement savings. She will be accelerating public awareness of acquiring annuities, and inspiring employers to offer annuities as a smart alternative choice.

Finally, our representatives, like a disturbed scorpion, struck. The sting hit its mark, entering the power veins deep inside Washington. Like a rapidly spreading forest fire without firemen, concerned top representation took notice. With devastating declines in the financial markets, putting out the raging financial flames took top priority. The sheltered value of guaranteed investments is at its peak. Everyday people and investors need assistance to achieve a financially secure retirement. Your Washington representation is encouraged with the Obama administration noticing a pathway around dangerous smoke clouds. More details please

Conscious of its value, attention is on how guaranteed income streams of annuities accumulate safely for later in life. Gratifying to our representatives is viewing annuities as a pivotal piece of the retirement planning puzzle of every person. The government is currently proposing that you evaluate the benefits of a guaranteed accumulation annuity, as Social Security benefits in the future could vary widely from what they are today.

Below is a critical warning to All Consumers.

There are many new untrained insurance agents calling themselves financial representatives. They may represent a well-known insurance company seen on television or a company in business for 150 years. However the agent is being purposely trained into offering you a product that is of more benefit to the insurance company to you. This plan is called a variable annuity and carries considerable risk for the average investor. The insurance company controls many changeable aspects of the annuity plan and it is possible to lose every hard earned cent of your money.

A portion of the valuable newsworthy details presented come from recommendations and findings of the Insured Retirement Institute. They are a well acknowledged, not-for-profit institute. Many insiders consider them as the authoritative source on annuities, insured retirement strategies, and retirement planning for helping consumers. Seek out an independent financial consultant with years of experience in guiding people toward the correct plan available. Often this will be a fixed annuity, providing significant safety along with tax-deferred accumulation of money. You are protected that the money you invested can never decrease. This is the same type of plan discussed above regarding government activity.

It is important for you to acknowledge that your financial future has shifted to your hands. Gone are the days of relying on Social Security, Medicare, and pensions to keep pace with your present standard of living. Do not expect the government to personally bail you out. Instead act on the proposed public awareness to investing in yourself. With the news of the guaranteed fixed annuity accumulation plan announced, take advantage of this tax-deferred accumulation benefit now.

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