Laparoscopic Endometriosis Procedure – All You Need to Know and Exciting News

Laparoscopic endometriosis procedure is a very popular option in those that need this type of surgery, most of the time for diagnostic reasons.

Endometriosis and the way it is treated is a huge subject of controversy. Maybe because of all the pain and fertility issues combined with the fact that the treatment has not changed for so long.
By the end of this concise article, you will know all you need to make an informed decision about the road ahead of you. Also, we will look into some very exciting news that offers hope that soon, surgery will be a thing of the past in endometriosis.

Laparoscopic endometriosis procedure – basic facts

Laparoscopy endometriosis surgery is the less invasive option for endometriosis surgery. It is performed using a thin optic hose that is inserted in you through a very small incision. Since the beginnings of this procedure in 1970s when it was just used for tubal ligations and other simple procedures laparoscopy has come a long way. More details please

Laparoscopic endometriosis procedure – pros and cons

You might think that if you have the option to have a small incision you have no reason in the world to go with the more invasive and “messy” option called laparotomy. The fact that it makes a small incision and has a shorter recovery period makes laparoscopy the lesser harm, but it also has its cons such as:

  • not all doctors are trained in the procedure so take your time and find a doctor that has done the procedure for at least a dozen of times
  • once the “go in” the doctors can see less and have less space to work
  • if they find endometriosis tissue they can remove, they can remove more of it in laparotomy

Laparoscopic endometriosis procedure – how it’s done

It is usually done under general anesthetics and most of the time, you will be asked to stay overnight. It is also known as the keyhole procedure because the incision is so small and soon after the surgery it will not even be noticeable.

During surgery, your body will be slightly tilted and your legs will be slightly higher then you head. They will then inflate your abdomen a little bit using Carbon Dioxide so that the insides become more accessible for the instruments.

Then, you surgeon will slide a tube with a valve called a trocar, to prevent the gas leaving your abdominal cavity.

You’ll have a catheter during your surgery and they may leave it on until you are fully awake.

Then, a long thin instrument called a laparoscope is inserted into your abdomen to inspect the abdomen and the pelvis. The laparoscope is like a long thin telescope that allows your surgeon to take a look at your reproductive organs.

Laparoscopic endometriosis procedure – soon probably a thing of the past

Laparoscopic endometriosis procedure is the only way to determine for sure whether you have endometriosis. The issue with endometriosis is in the fact that the conventional medicine knows so little about the causes of the disease. But, lately, some exciting news have been reported on the discoveries of underlying chemical imbalances that seem to be responsible for the triggering of this terrible ailment that can rob you of your health and children. The new protocol is called Violet Protocol and many women rep

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