It’s Not FAKE Because He Doesn’t Like The News!

Wake up, America, because, simply because, anyone, even the President of the United States, proclaims, something, is FAKE news, doesn’t it make it so! For the last few years, first, when he was a candidate, and, then, during his Presidency, Donald Trump, has consistently, attempted to inspire, and motivate his core supporters, and gain, lots of media attention (which, he often refers to, as, The Enemy of the People), by following this approach! Shouldn’t it be, each of our responsibilities, as well as duties, to more closely, pay keen attention, to the combination of every candidate’s, absolute integrity, attitude, skill – set, and overall character, as well as their actual plans/ proposals, and viable solutions, instead of, the often, empty promises, and rhetoric? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents, and why it matters.

1. Face facts; faithful; future; furnish; fruition; freedoms: Unless/ until, we demand, these so – called, public leader, consistently, face the facts, and are, truly, faithful, to all the liberties, freedoms, and Constitutional guarantees, we won’t get, what we need, or deserve! We need, to elect individuals, with a sustainable plan of action, to bring us, into the future, in the best, possible manner! It must not be, about the promises, but, whether, the individual possesses the combination of a positive attitude, and aptitude/ skill – set, to bring, the most desirable approaches, to fruition! More details please tarot one card lomamökit

2. Attitude; aptitude; attention; articulate; ask; actions: Citizens must ask potential leaders, what their goals, are, and how they might benefit, this nation! To achieve this, requires a positive, can – do, attitude, a relevant aptitude and skill – set, and be ready, willing, and able, to pay keen attention, to the needs, goals, perceptions, and priorities! It’s not about the message, one articulates, but, consider, how they plan, to make a quality change, for the better! Judge these people, by their actions, instead of rhetoric and promises!

3. Realistic; relevant; responsive; responsible; reliable: Vote for people, with realistic, relevant, responsive, responsible, and reliable ideas, which might bring about, the best path – forward, understanding and considering, the potential ramifications!

4. Empathy; emphasis; efforts; effects: A true leader, always, effectively, listens, and learns, from every conversation, and experience, and proceeds, with genuine empathy! This must align with his emphasis, and he must place his efforts, where they will bring – about the best effects!

Something is only, FAKE news, when it isn’t factual, etc! Don’t let anyone, mislead you, by accusing others, who disagree with him, of doing so, especially, when, often, that individual, offers this, most often!

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