Successful Bloggers Featured in Local News

Fox News wants to talk about making money through blogging? I want to hear this.

Well, it was just a blurb, but great press for the two featured blogs. The good news, it is not just hype, people do make money blogging. Some of you may know that, but if you are like me and you just started out, maybe you haven’t realized your full potential yet. I think in the 3 months I have been blogging I have made $12. Not exactly paying any bills yet, but I am having fun.

The first featured blog is a wine blog, Blog Terroirist . Reaching 6,000 people a month David White posts about daily wine news, and yes he does that daily. He also has weekly interviews with wine makers and is published in many mainstream publications. He doesn’t say which came first, the writer or the blogger, but the wine enthusiast is certainly there. He is also proof that, while good advice to include your keywords in the title of your blog, maybe you can have a good blog without your keywords in it. Mind you, it won’t get you any SEO points, all score cards will always say you are less than what you are based on your title alone, but does that matter when you have readers? I think not. More details please

The other featured blog was, Young House Love . Their most recent post, just posted today, already has almost 5,000 comments, but it is also a contest. If you are interested in blogging this is a model to take a look at. Advertisers and press came to them, they only blogged to show friends and family how their house renovations were coming along. What started as a way to stay in contact with family, has become a full time job for both of them. As they raise their young family and work on their home, they certainly have found a way to pay attention to what is important to them and make a living doing it.

The best part of both of these blogs? They were both started at WordPress’s free blog, and grew from there. In fact younghouselove, still uses WordPress to run their site in some way, even if it is only the template like mine. So there you have it, it is not all hype, but it won’t happen overnight. And yes, you should enjoy what you do. If it is a chore, why are you doing it, isn’t that what “work” is for?

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