Stop Watching the News

I was out with a girlfriend last night and we talked about the news and how depressing it is to see all the dramas and crisis and murders and and and… My friend is getting her MBA right now an was doing a paper on “Stress” and how it causes depression and how that will soon be the number one factor for a lot of diseases.

Long story short, I get so mad sometimes watching the news, and I do not care which network it is, unfortunately they are all the same. Negative, Negative and more Negative. I am soooooooooo done with this. I do not need to hear about one more murder or one more rape or one more police chase or one more break in or one more robbery. I want the important stories that happen all over the world. Sure, like right now I want updates to the situation in India, but not a 40 hour coverage. It seams like he media is totally focused on one drama and forgets that there are other things going on at the same time. How about some positive news?

There is great thinks happening all over the world, all the time. Why not report some of them? Or report in a matter that doesn’t just state the bad problem, but also give a solution. Hunger is a huge problem all over the world, yes, it needs media coverage but end it on a positive note and show what can be done about it, and make suggestions how people can help. Don’t just dumb all the problems and negatives on us, suggest tips, new ideas, get people involved, be part of the solution. We all know how important “attitude” is in our lives and we all know that a negative attitude is not working and will never change anything. More details please

Every time I watch the news it brings me down a little bit and I really do not need this. As we have clearly seen in this election, the people are looking for hope, reassurance and positive energy. The days of doom and gloom and fear are over. It is the age of the Aquarius. The world is coming together, it is changing his/her attitude, when will the media catch up?

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