Benefits to Using Social Media Marketing for Accounting Firm Partners

The business environment is getting more and more competitive every day. As competition becomes tougher, Accounting Firm Partners are looking for ways to promote and differentiate themselves to catch a potential client’s attention.

A few years back, having a website about your Accounting Firm’s practices was sufficient enough for an online presence. The emergence of Social Media has changed all that. Now it takes more than just a website to get noticed online, because the Internet is becoming very competitive. Recently, more and more Accounting Firms are considering this and have established their presence on Facebook, Twitter and have added icons for these social networking sites to their own websites.

But are there really benefits to using Social Media Marketing for an Accounting Firm Partner? Here are some of the most often heard objections.

1) “My Accounting Firm can’t afford it.”

One thing about Social Networking is that it is COST EFFECTIVE. Compared to traditional media, your accounting firm does not need huge marketing budgets since social media marketing is affordable which makes it extremely attractive. Many forms of social networks such as Blogs, YouTube, and Facebook can all be used at no cost making them a practical way to market your accounting services, build customer relations and establish expertise and authority in the field.

2) “I need to take out an advertisement, otherwise how will my clients find me?”

With the current state of technology and the wealth of information available, almost anyone will search for something, somewhere or someone via the internet before actually picking up the phone or stepping out of the house. Social media is EASILY AVAILABLE to anyone who has access to a computer and internet connection. Traditional media (which costs thousands of dollars) takes time to plan and execute. With social media, marketing updates can be done within minutes and be broadcasted through your network instantaneously. This is old fashioned “word-of-mouth” in a high tech manner.

3) “There is a new tax update and my clients need this information now.”

One fantastic thing about social media is that it is FAST AND INSTANT. Once you have an established network of loyal followers, you can update them with what’s new as soon as you click the “enter” button. News and updates coming from your Accounting Firm have the possibility to spread out quickly and far. Word of warning though, just as fast as good word about your Accounting Firm practice can positively impact your firm, a badly written message can spread as quickly and hurt the image of your firm as well.

4) “Accounting firms do not do social networking.”

 reports that, 88% of Accountants have an account on Facebook. A more detailed breakdown of social media participation and behavior of Accountants can also be checked there. Numbers don’t lie. Accountants ARE already embracing social networking for reaching out, locating and connecting with friends, family, colleagues and target market.

5) “I don’t know how and where to start.”

With the hundreds of social sites to choose from, it is understandable that one gets confused by the choices available. Study and identify the networks where your competition is, then choose those that match your target clients and your brand. The three most popular Social Media sites currently are: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These sites might be a good place to start.

Otherwise, a professional social marketing manager who understands and knows your business and target audience can help you get started.

You don’t need a lot of friends to get into social media marketing. Nor do you need a lot of money. Unlike traditional media model of the marketer or your Accounting Firm telling the client what he needs. Social Media Marketing relies on your network of friends (whether they be 5 or 15 or 50) to recommend you and your services. What they say about you (through comments, blogs and posts) is key to building your credibility and success of your marketing efforts. The use of these tools can be used to create a positive perception of you and your firm. People have always looked for others to validate their choices and Social Media gives them the platform to do that.

Be active on your chosen social network. Post updates, leave comments, submit content and be friendly. Because in the end, WHAT OTHERS SAY ABOUT YOU IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHAT YOU CAN SAY ABOUT YOURSELF.

Barb writes articles of interest for Boost Accounting Referrals, to assist Accounting Firm Partners with Social Media questions and issues most relevant to their industry. In addition, she manages the team and works closely with clients, assisting to create and manage their firms social media strategy and online presence. Read more about Social Media [] for Accounting Firm Partners and post your comments on our blog.

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