Getting Rid of Bad Habits Before They Become an Addiction

We have a habit of doing unhelpful or unhealthy things to ourselves. The momentary pleasure or relief is out-weighed by the destructive element of the activity. However, like the proverbial vampire, once we invite it in the repetitive cycle takes hold and drains the joy from life.

• Feeling alone we eat whole bars of chocolate, cake or tubs ice cream.
• Our very attractive, sporty partner cheats on us and we replace them with a similar model.
• Finances bordering on disaster we part take in some retail therapy to cheer ourselves up.

Yes, certain food releases feel good chemicals in the brain; we find comfort in the familiar; and yes we should treat ourselves occasionally to things that are not necessities. However, if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got. Is it time you made some changes?

Ask yourself are there unhelpful habits or patterns of behaviour in your life? Is there a pattern to those unsuccessful relationships you have experienced? What emotion triggers the food or drink over-indulgence? If your purchase is not needed or a special treat, what gap are you attempting to fill? Buy any account

It could be time to pay attention to your emotions; real attention and not the cursory glance you have grown accustomed to. The beliefs we carry are our personal heritage and can be traced back to their origins. Once discovered we can challenge the ideas that formed the belief, reform or eradicate were necessary. This sounds drawn out and painful, however it could be the light bulb moment you need to transform your life. The path of least resistance is likely to keep you exactly where you are.

What to do between now and your eureka day? Time out or distractions are solutions supported by some experts. To really get to grips with the WHY as you reach for that sweet treat, ask yourself:
• What need are you attempting to fulfill
• What is the impulse really about
• What are you feeling as you take the same old route

Confront, were you have previously avoided. Only then can you deal with the feelings, emotions or beliefs that have been trapped within, occasionally bursting to the surface with destructive consequences.

The more often you stop and change the unhelpful action the stronger your resolve will be in the future. You will experience success with your healthy eating plan, you will stick to your financial or exercise regime and relationships new and old will be more fulfilling. With awareness you are able to take control and live the life you desire.

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