Outdoor House Decorating Ideas – Fun-Care Lounge Seat

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Here it is – the perfect lounge seating – anywhere! The Fun-Care Lounge Seat is ideal when you need a chair inside or out to complement your home décor. The lounge seating, this amazing outdoor house decorating idea, is an incredible value – convenient, reasonably priced, waterproof and washable.

Whether you live in a small apartment and just need additional comfortable guest seating or a single family home and want a super sleek, cozy chair – the Fun-Care Lounge Seat is for you!

This amazing inflatable seating can be used inside your home, in your family room or a guest bedroom, or outside in the garden, pool or even as a patio idea. housance It can even go along to the beach, park or on your next camping trip because the new Fun-Care Lounge Seat is not only stylish and comfy, but is inflatable, packable (in its own handy bag), waterproof and washable. Therefore, the Fun-Care lounge seat makes an enjoyable swimming pool idea for you, your family and your guests.

This outdoor accessory allows you and your guests to sit or lie down, and even rock in complete comfort. Designed specially for people who need a flexible, easy to move seating inside or out on the deck or even in the pool. All you have to do is just sit, relax and enjoy this experience.

The unique design of this home décor accessory coupled with professional air technology makes the Fun-Care Lounge Seat the ultimate `go anywhere` lounger. The ingenious and sophisticated packaging system allows you to pack it away simply in a convenient, easy to carry or store bag (included). With the Fun-Care Lounge Seat, enjoying the beach is just a few folds away.

When inflated, you have the ability to set the lounger to multiple reclining positions. The adjustable shoulder strap of the bag functions to adjust the seat position continuously if desired. For even more convenience and relaxation, the lounger can be used with the foot support behind it to create a comfortable upright chair or placed in front and used as a comfy footrest/ottoman.

Weighing in at a mere 8 lbs, the Lounge Seat is easily relocated to wherever you need seating and since it’s inflatable, it can be stored in your closet or under a bed when you don’t need it.

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