Health Perspective

Did you ever stop to think that your family’s vehicle is loaded with bacteria and polluted substances, which can make someone ill or spread disease. If you are prone to get allergies, this can make them a lot worse.

Everyday we transfer polluted substances from our shoes to our vehicles which over time turns to mould and bacteria. If you work in an industrial atmosphere and don’t change your cloths before you head home, you bring that same coating that is on your cloths into your vehicle.

By switching on a vehicles heater or air conditioning system, we instantly fill the air in our vehicle with the same mould and bacteria. This is why you should have your vehicle cleaned inside at least twice every month, and have your rug shampooed every 3-4 months or at least twice a year.

Besides staying healthier this will also help keep the resale value up. You know better than anyone what furniture looks like after the dirt has penetrated the surface, what it looks like.

We all love our pets and some of us like to take our pets in our vehicles. Their hair gets everywhere and once again we breath that because of the small area inside a vehicle.

Some people smoke inside vehicles, the law wants to pass a bylaw that says no smoking in a vehicle when children are present. That is another subject but either way if you smoke in your vehicle it remains in the rugs and fabric and if you have kids they breath that in.

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