Stop! You’re Not in the Clear If There’s No Immediate Pain After the Accident

Whiplash symptoms can occur immediately or may take hours after the accident before they are noticed. Also, the pain experienced in less injured areas may be overshadowed by a more serious injury and may not “surface” until after the more serious injured area improves. Whiplash usually occurs when the head is suddenly whipped or snapped due to a sudden jolt commonly involving a motor vehicle collision. However, it can also occur from a slip and fall injury.

The most common whiplash symptoms include neck pain, headaches, and limited neck movement (stiffness). However the symptoms that arise days following the accident can vary widely and range from headaches to shoulder pain, dizziness, jaw pain, arm pain, visual disturbances or hearing problems. Neck pain may radiate into the middle back area and/or down the arms. If shooting pain is present, whiplash after an accident a pinched nerve is a distinct possibility ad should be investigated. In more severe cases mild brain injury can occur even when the head is not bumped or hit.

These symptoms often resolve within 6 weeks but it is common for someone to still hurt after 3 months, and even up to a year after the incident.

The myth about no car damage being equal to no true injury is just that – a myth! In fact, in low speed impacts, less damage to the car many times transfers greater forces to the contents inside because the energy of the force is not absorbed by crushing metal. Early mobilization and manipulation can results in a better outcome for someone who is injured in an accident and the effects of whiplash begin to settle in.

It’s not uncommon for a person who gets rear ended to thinks the pain they have will go away on it’s own because the car only had a small amount of damage. Sadly, that is not the case and when the pain continues there are many factors that take place that can make it more difficult to eliminate the pain when treatment is finally administered.

Chiropractic is a great method of treatment and health care service that can be utilized to address the injured whiplash patient? When researching your local chiropractor ask them if they have familiarity with the symptoms you experience and schedule a time that is convenient for you to have an evaluation. It is best to be evaluated and told that the problem is not very serious as opposed to letting it go without being examined and having to deal with a more complicated or serious health issue down the road.

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