Your Wedding Day Countdown

After the proposal

Unless you’re a confirmed stressaholic, the old cliché about the early bird catching the worm does apply here, believe me.

Planning your wedding should feel like savoring a piece of Swiss chocolate sitting on the stoop at six o’clock in the evening watching the sun go down combined with the feeling of going down a vertical drop in a rollercoaster cart.

Remember, you’re preparing the most romantic day of your life, it must be fun! To be fun you’ll need to be organized, so here’s a list of priorities I would like you to consider for the trip.

Whilst your head’s still reeling in the clouds after the proposal, the next logical step is to let the proverbial cat out of the bag, in style. Ring the local church bells at midnight, streak through town, whatever it takes. And, if you live in a small town, you aught to know small town folk read the classifieds for fun.

Early Planning

You will need a budget before you can start planning

How much are you and your families prepared to spend on this precious event? Of course it goes without saying your budget will determine the style, site and number of guests who attend.

Set a wedding date

This can be complicated if you’ve decided to get married at a wedding venue. Generally speaking it works like this, you decide which venue, the venue decides which date. If their date is not suitable, you move on to the next best venue and repeat the procedure until you find a date that makes everyone happy.

Set the time

If you consider beautiful photos of your wedding to be imperative, then you better first speak to your photographer before you decide on a time. Photographers make it there business to know lighting conditions and time of day during winter, spring, summer or fall.

Draw up a guest list

Traditionally this process involves couple and their parents.

Bridal party appointments

Approach and appoint those you would like to be bridesmaids, flower girls, ushers, attendants, a master of ceremonies and a best man.

Planning your wedding day

Once you have a date, a budget, and a guest-list. It’s time to search, visit, negotiate and appoint service providers. If you’re a busy girl it may be time to bring in a wedding planner.

The Service Provider Search []

The internet This is the first place I would start looking. There are literally thousands of web sites hosting wedding service providers who will provide you with contact detail, pictures of product, and text profiles on service providers. Finding providers in your area could be a problem though, especially if you live in the country.

Word of Mouth

Known as the most reliable source, ask your friends who have recently been married.

Bridal Magazines Are a great source of wedding providers, if you can find one that covers your local area.

Service Provider Negotiations

Wedding Venues
Included in their fee, wedding venues usually include in-house planners and event managers who oversee caterers and bar services, and sometimes even an in house disco. Most venues also have dressing facilities that double up as a honeymoon suite for couple’s first night, but you’ll have to organize the rest.

Personal Venue Planning

If you’ve decided to use a marquee tent or your local church or school hall

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