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If you’re new to the wedding DJ hire business this article should help you out with the all important first dance. This moment is the most iconic part of the wedding reception and within the top three from the entire day, so there is absolutely no room for error! And of course there is a method that should be used every time you introduce a newly married couple to the dance floor. The bride and groom spend a lot of money on the wedding disco and DJ hire and the first dance is a moment when every guest is watching and the record start button has been pressed on many mobile phones and other devices. Even after all the years of being a professional wedding DJ I still get as nervous now as when I started out because there is a huge weight on your shoulders and as mentioned before, this is a key moment of the day. If you follow some of the methods below you will surely not fail to present a fantastic first dance to the guests.

Make sure your disco is set up in good time

If the music is to start at 19.30 then you should arrive to set up at least 1 – 1.5 hours before, so that you’re not rushing about. There isn’t anything worse than setting up and getting the music going immediately as you should be relaxed and in a good mood. Most weddings will be during the summer, so you defiantly will want to cool off after setting up heavy disco equipment. Some guests may come up to you to chat about the disco so leave some time for that too.

Check the First dance track

To ensure peace of mind and confidence check the track before playing it for the first time during the all important dance. If you have downloaded the track it may have corrupted, or if you’re using a CD it may have scratched. Could you imagine this part of the wedding disco going wrong? It would put a negative feeling on the night and probably ruin the main event!

Getting ready – 2 minutes to go

This is one of the single most important parts of the wedding and the bridge and groom would really appreciate everyone standing around the dance floor witnessing this all important dance. Someone will probably give you 2 minutes before the dance commences, so use this time to prepare the track and get absolutely everyone to gather around the edge of the dance-floor. You may have arranged with the bride and groom to invite the guests to join them before the song finishes. When using the microphone to introduce the dance, make sure to speak clearly and professionally (no swearing) so everyone of all ages can understand what you’re saying.

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